///X Series Led Hoverboard/Swegway

X Series Led Hoverboard/Swegway

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HCS Gadgets offers the best hoverboard in the UK with Led wheels, we are the first gadget retailer to offer led wheel hoverboards.

The upgraded hoverboard has the best specs since the classic and chrome hoverboards released in 2016. The red led hoverboard is the latest version for hoverboards with Bluetooth to stream music and extra 2.0 battery giving you an extra one hour charge on the hoverboard UK.

3 Reasons to buy the best hoverboard 

  • 6 hours running time – better performance than any hoverboard in the market
  • Led Wheels – The wheels light up when on the hoverboard, the led wheels have been designed in the UK by our gadget team. It gives the hoverboard a new and cooler look, unlike the classic and chrome hoverboards.
  • Light Weight – Unlike other hoverboards, this hoverboard is only 7kg which is easy to carry and take anywhere, which also comes with a free carry bag!
  • Product specs

  • Colour: White
  • Bluetooth
  • Led wheels
  • Hoverboard with best specs
  • The best hoverboard supplied with UL Charger
  • Free Carry Bag


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