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USB Rechargeable Electric Protein Shaker

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USB Rechargeable Electric Protein Shaker – Exclusive Gadgets

We have all been there – you push your body to its absolute limits, ripping the muscle fibres as much as
you can for them continued gains. You’ve been determined to beat your personal bests, you are
exhausted, but you feel the sense of achievement as you leave the gym. But, its time to fuel your body
with a well-earned protein shake to aid your body in repairing your muscles. Your arms are aching so much that shaking the bottle becomes another painful workout, you are completely energy less. But not
no more! With our electric protein shaker bottle, your simple push a button and your protein will be mixed perfectly.No need to shake the bottle and cause agony, no need for clumps of protein powder to
get stuck in your throat, them days are truly over! Our electric protein shaker will instantly mix your
protein shakes and will hold 450ml of liquid. It is powered by – which makes it portable! Leave it in your
gym bag, ready to shake instantly after your gym workout, to fuel them muscles as soon as possible!

Product features

USB Rechargeable Electric Protein Shaker is perfect for any purpose.
Easy to operate – Adding the desired liquid, press the power button on the motor to create the
vortex, add the powder, wait 30 seconds. This vortex protein mixer bottle can mix all your powder
shakes. Works great with pre-workout, creatine, protein.
Easy to clean – This hand blender can be cleaned in a matter of seconds! Just add water and soap
then turn on the motor. Allow the mixer to create a vortex of suds, then rinse it and it’s good to
Leak-proof – locking mechanism tightly seals lid & prevents spillage from mixing. Giving you
peace of mind as you shake your protein hand mixer into your gym bag.
gainers and carbohydrate formulas. – Non-instantiated formulas and much more.
CE certified product.
1 Year full warranty.
450ml capacity


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