///The Hummer Monster Hoverboard + Hoverkart Bundle

The Hummer Monster Hoverboard + Hoverkart Bundle

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  • Perfect for riders of all ages
  • Powered by Samsung battery cells
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • The best off-road hoverboard available 

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The Hummer Monster Hoverboard + Hoverkart Bundle

If you love hoverboards and hoverkarts then this Monster bundle is for you!

At a more cost efficient price, purchase our new and best Monster bundle and transform your Hoverboard into this exciting electric Gokart! Easily attach your 6.5’’, 8’’ or 10’’ hoverboard directly to the hoverkart within a matter of seconds!

What’s included?

• Official Hoverkart MONSTER – This hoverkart has a twin bar from stronger sustainability rides and an off-road front wheel and suspension; perfect for an off road experience! Get your Hoverkart built in no time by following the straight-forward user HCS Gadgets manual that’s included with this bundle!

• 8.5″ Swegway Hummer – This hoverboard has 8 inch wheels, allowing you to perform more effectively when riding on off road terrain. It also has built in Bluetooth speakers, which will allow you to play music from your smartphone/devise once connected! If you’re looking for a new upgraded hoverboard with a unique look, this bundle deal is perfect for you for many years to come.

  • Free UK Shipping
  • Samsung Cell Long-Life Battery
  • UK 3 Pin Fused UL Certified Charger
  • Hoverkart
  • Fummer hoverboard
  • User Manual
  • UK Customer Support


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