///Official 10000mah Qi Wireless Power Bank

Official 10000mah Qi Wireless Power Bank

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49 in stock

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10000mah Qi Wireless Power Bank

Have you ever needed to use your phone when you’re out and your battery is really low and you have no solution but be sad that you can’t snap your favorite moments? Worry no more we have you covered with the 2 in 1 Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank with 10000mAh Battery Pack. You can charge your phone on average 2.5 times without charging the power bank. Forgot your wire when you’re out? Don’t worry the Qi wireless charging power bank allows you to charge your phone wirelessly by simply placing your phone on top of the power bank. Just make sure your phone is qi wireless compatible such as the iPhone X and Samsung S8! If not add a Qi wireless receiver to the basket.

5 Reasons why you should choose the Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank

  • Ultra Slim – Perfect for going out only weighing 224 grams!
  • Large (but small) Power – 10,000mAh – Don’t risk a small power bank on a day out!
  • KeyChain – Hook your keys on to the power bank and be risk-free from losing it, not that you won’t!
  • Qi-Wireless Charging – Most Power banks don’t have this, at hcsgadgets.com we understand how important it is to keep your phone charged at all times so we created 2 charging solutions.
  • Fast Charging – Quickly charge the power bank up with the type-c port!


  • Battery capacity: 10000mAh
  • 10000mah Qi Wireless Power Bank
  • Wireless charging conversion percentage: 95%
  • Interface: 1 Micro, 1 Type-C, 2 USB Ports.
  • Micro USB Input: 5V / 1A
  • USB output 1: DC5V = 1A
  • USB output 2: DC5V = 2.1A
  • Wireless output: DC5V = 1.0A
  • Product Size 136x68x13mm
  • Net Weight 224g


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