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Handheld Ultra Quiet Percussion Muscle Massage Gun by ACTIVE1

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Voted Best Massage Gun Device of 2019

12 Months warranty

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Handheld Ultra Quiet Percussion Muscle Massager Gun by ACTIVE1

We have all been there, either a long sitting day at work, an exhausting workout at the gym, pushing limits during physical actives create long soreness afterwards. Resulting in muscle pain, sports massages being so overpriced, there is no real alternative until the ACTIVE1 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun has come around exclusive to hcsgadgets.com.

The Percussion Muscle Massage Gun device is designed to reduce muscle soreness, from all muscle groups around the body. The handheld massager comes with 5 attachments which work all around the body from the ball massage to the back attachment. The ACTIVE1 activates the muscles, relieving muscle pain, and reducing the recovery time of muscle soreness.  Making it easier to move around with knots been taken out.

By using the ACTIVE1 Massage gun for only 15 minutes around the body, the whole body can recover for muscle pain.  With 3 speeds from high to low, 16mm amplitude has the power to relieve muscle pain that has never ended for years…

Improving mobility, the ACTIVE1 has a positive long-term impact, it cuts out long term injuries, and extra costs of massages. With just 15 minutes use around the body with the handheld Percussion Muscle Massage Gun everyday it enhances flexibility in everyday life once again.

It is suitable for everyone, with no age limit.


  • Releases muscle tissue knots.
  • Speeds up body recovery time.
  • Deep tissue massage.
  • Clearing of built of lactic acid.
  • Better body posture.
  • Pain relief resulting in a better night’s sleep.
  • Help prevent sporting injuries.



  • One handheld Muscle Massage device
  • One UK Charger
  • 4ah 24v Jet Battery
  • X5 Massage Heads
  • One Carry Case
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • UK Customer Support
  • Charge time 75 Minutes
  • Battery life 4 hours approx.
  • Net weight 1.4kg
  • Free Next Day delivery



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