/, Virtual Reality/AR Blaster game gun Augmented Reality For IOS and Android

AR Blaster game gun Augmented Reality For IOS and Android

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AR Blaster game gun Augmented Reality For IOS and Android.

The AR game gun for iPhone and Android smartphones is the groundbreaking technology which, through
combination with a free downloadable “AR game reality” app, surpasses normal expectations. This
immerses you in a realistic gaming experience anytime, anywhere. With hundreds of games to choose
from, one cannot become bored. If you think the world of AR gaming is restricted to VR headsets then its
time to think again! Now you can transform any old boring wall into a fantastic virtual shooting
experience, all thanks to a futuristic handheld portable gun, a smartphone and a colourful poster with an
amazing secret! Simply download the app in the app store, connect the AR game gun via Bluetooth to
your phone and play many games through the game gun which has a joystick, buttons and a trigger making this the best virtual reality gameplay in the market.


Every AR BLASTER WITH AUGMENTED REALITY comes with a wide veriety of 35+ interactive both AR and VR games of different gaming levels (more games to come); use indoors or outdoors and move 360 degrees in multi-scenarios as you trace and shoot using the gun’s trigger while viewing the action on your phone; choose from fast lerning, action, fantasy, flight, or war renditions as you are immersed in game battles; play solo or create a local network to enjoy it with your friends.

Product Features

Game Gun
Includes trigger, joystick and buttons to play with.
Download the app to play games with the AR.
Requires two AAA batteries.
Comes in bright colours.
Looks real
In gameplay
Free UK delivery
HCS Gadgets chosen Gadget of January 2018
Manufacturer warranty.


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