Hoverboard Bundle deals

There have been various inventions of appliances that help to make life more comfortable and better for individuals. One of which gadget is the hoverboard, which has taken over the global market, been displayed everywhere. The hoverboard as earlier started is an electrical device that moves around in the directions of the rider who rides on it by standing on it.

This gadget has different types and makes from different companies, right here with us we have the Segway chrome hoverboard that comes in different colors like red, blue, pink and even gold too. This awesome board will be of great assistance when you need a new way to get around things and even more awesome in learning new tricks coupled with the fact that this board makes you or presents you in a cool and different way that makes you stand out from other board riders.

Our segway hoverboard will be of great assistance to new riders of all ages who just want to have fun. With tyres measuring up to 6.5inches it is also light in weight but sturdy which can be used to master all those cool tricks you have been noticing from other riders with their hoverboards like spins fantastic maneuverability. I bet that you would love this hoverboard for both indoor and outdoor use.

This hoverboard will be ready to be used in a short period by which it must have been fully charged and then can be driven to a distance of 12miles at a speed of 12mph, there are only two electric motors which are 250w powerful and capable to carry a Max weight of 20tons with all thanks to the extra strong and amazing aluminum chassis that is possessed by the hoverboard and then later finished with durable lacquer paint on a classic design.

The segway chrome hoverboard has a pair of LED lights both in front and behind it with display symbols in the centre of the hoverboard displaying both battery and warning messages, this segway hoverboard comes with genuine Samsung batteries that are made especially for these hoverboards with long life tyres of about 6.5inches, we make sure that all chrome segway hoverboards are certified safe before they are handed out to customers after necessary checks and evaluations must have been carried out.

There are numerous awesome and cool features possessed by the Chrome segway hoverboard so many that we have decided to select out only but a few awesome ones;

Battery: The batteries used by the chrome segway hoverboards are certified Samsung batteries that come with LED indicators to notify you when recharging is needed, all of these specially made for the hoverboard by Samsung.

LED: With awesome LED pathfinders attached to the foot panel will ensure that you see where you are going clearly.

Control: This chrome segway hoverboard comes with a three-axis gyro-sensors and accelerometers which measure angular changes precisely to make the controlling of the board by the user feel natural.

Brakes: This chrome segway hoverboard is equipped with regenerative braking system, which means, the board takes advantage of every given opportunity to save and re-energize itself by maintaining weight limit and then recharges itself during braking.

The chrome segway hoverboard as seen is packed with all cool features ready to be discovered by you when you buy from us.  There are great deals when you buy the chrome segway hoverboard from hcsgadgets.com such as discounts and sales which some are already placed on. We hope with all expectations to hear from you about your orders.