Hoverboard accessories

The hoverboard accessories category is mainly filled with accessories relating to hoverboards. In this category you will find various accessories like the protective silicone cover of 6.5inch, the hoverboard shell case also mainly for 6.5inch wheel sized segway hoverboard, the smart generation balance handles and also not forgetting the hoverboard riding safety set to ensure safety while riding the hoverboard.


  1. The 6.5inch Protective silicone cover:This accessory is designed mainly for hoverboards that of 6.5inch to fit into their old cover and give your hoverboard a good new look that will define it just the way you want it as we have different colors like red patched with blue, white and black, pink, black, green and black, blue and other cool collection of colors.

When you purchase the protective silicone cover from us, the package comes with a silicone cover for 6.5inch hoverboard segway with unique specifications that fits it like a length of 6.5inch, its unique look that is made with thick and durable silicone and of premium quality.

This silicone protective cover is so far the best silicone cover available for purchase, offering you the customer with high-quality protection, makes your board look new again and also keep your board scratch-free and in good condition as well.

  1. The 6.5inch Hoverboard chrome shell case:This chrome shell case provided by its offers your hoverboard with a new look, gives it a sleek and eloquent finish with the highest quality available. The hoverboard chrome shell case is an easy to install gadget that comes with a kit that donations in it all that you need to make your board look new again, the kit contains: two top covers, two bottom panels, two front LED covers, two top LED half-moon covers, a battery sticker, and a system status sticker, as you can see the hoverboard chrome shell case kit contains all the needed accessories required to give your hoverboard a whole new look and feel.
  2. The hoverboard smart generation balance handles:Ever wondered how to stand and relax your hands on a handle that is attached to your hoverboard?  Well, the hoverboardsmart generation balance handles are available here with us at hcsgadgets.com.

This balance handle is mainly c specified for 6.5inch hoverboards and has an adjustable length of 50-105cm, with its whole body made with aluminum alloy, a snap ring of 70mm and a weight of 530g makes this gadget one to get for anyone be it an adult or a little child.

The application of this rod into your hoverboard is a straightforward task that can be easily understood, all you have to do is to use the snap ring and insert it into the middle is your hoverboard and then adjust the rod to your desired height. After the installation of this rod, your hoverboard will be safer and easier to ride.

  1. Hoverboard riding safety set:The safety set for a hoverboard contains two protective knee pads, two elbow pads, two wrist guards and a helmet to protect you and keep you safe while riding your hoverboard, these essentials are designed for hoverboard riders with high quality materials like GA m foam to help in the reduction of impact from accidents like falls, while the knee and elbow pads actually assist in freeing up movement so you can move without any restrictions. Be rest assured that each pad has an adjustable strap for the utmost security desired with an adjustable chin strap for the helmet provided.

This category as seen is well fitted with all the required hoverboard accessories ranging from looks to additional inserts then safety. We look forward to you visiting us and ordering any of these accessories to give your hoverboard a new look.