There is presently only one mode of charging your devices with the Qi wireless charging pad, which is, simply placing down any device that has Qi-enabled in it or better still any device that is equipped with a compatible Qi cover and your device is good to go without the requirement of any cable or USB interface.

The Qi wireless charging pad has been well equipped with power efficient mode that helps in maintaining a standard power charging mode that is, it never overcharges your device or waste energy after charging is done, it is also equipped with friendly LED indicator lights each of inputs 5V/2A and output of 5V/1A which is the standard input and output for charging devices generally.

One may wonder what if my device slips off the charging position. But this Qi wireless charging pad comes with a silicone anti-slip mat that does not allow your mobile device to slip out of charging position and with this in mind you will feel more comfortable and also safer when using the Qi wireless charging pad, not mentioning it is also more convenient for use.

The Qi wireless charging pad has a lot of cool features ranging from its uniqueness as a 100% brand new and of high quality, with its non-slip silicone for stable and balanced placement of your devices on the charging pad to its smart identification system that lets it to adapt to your device and charges it normally as it would and not forgetting its ultra-thin, lightweight and portable characteristics of thickness set at 0.4inch (that is 1cm), a cable length of 3.3ft and a charging pad diameter of 3.9inch not leaving out its short circuit protection of the receiver to avoid over-heating and overcharging of your device, it is security filled and reliable as well.

Be rest assured to find the Qi wireless charging pad here with us at as we have it in large stock available here; the Qi wireless charging pad comes with a Qi wireless pad, a Qi wireless receiver and a USB cable all well packaged when buying from us.

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