Power banks

With the latest inventions of different technological devices especially one meant for mobile phones, there has been of recent a flooding of the technology market with different power banks, ‘power banks are electrical gadgets that can store up charge which can be passed to any devices within its capacity.’ Power banks can be charged and then be used anywhere that it suits the user, mostly suitable for outdoor purposes and most importantly when the lights are out.

In this category of power banks, you will find various kinds of power banks that are all unique in their way with different capacities ranging from 8,000mAh to 10,000mAh. The power banks currently present in this category are the 10,000mAh compact mirror power bank and the Qi wireless charging pad power bank both of which are in large quantity available and ready to be sold out to you our customers at affordable prices.

  1. The 10,000mAh compact mirror power bank: This compact mirror power bank has the electrical capacity of 10,000mAh which can charge a standard mobile phone up to 2 to 3 times while you fix your makeup. This power bank is a perfect solution for little emergencies that may emerge, its lightweight and can be tossed into your handbag and be used on the go anytime the need for it arrives.

This mirror power bank will be very useful to the ladies where they can refresh their faces anywhere and anytime with the gadget and at the same time refresh their mobile devices and never miss out of any trend from the phone and remain stylish just the way you like.

This device charges all phones with it USB cable faster than other power banks. Red flashes from the power bank indicate that it is charging, while a solid one shows when it’s fully charged which means your phone, tablet or any other USB supported devices can be charged on the go. This gadget effectively stands as the solution to low power problems while charging your phone.

  1. Qi wireless charging pad power bank: This is also an effective power back after the compact mirror power bank, this wireless charging pad power bank as the name states is a power bank that works without any USB interface or any wires coming in contact with the power bank and any of your mobile devices. The Qi wireless chargingpad power bank has excellent features that make it unique and most sort after, some of these features are its ability to save energy whenever a device has been charged completely and not forgetting its friendly LED indicator lights that tell the state it is, be it charging or full.

Both the compact mirror power bank and the Qi wireless power bank are both useful gadgets that will make life easier and meaningful while you solve so many problems in little time.

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