Phone Gadgets

The HCS online shopping mall has numerous categories that will be of interest to you our customers. There have been of recent a large in flock of electronic gadgets some of which can be accessorised for mobile phones either as earpiece, Headphones, chargers, power banks and a whole lot more, which is why the was set up to provide you with various accessories to customise your device just the way it pleases you.

This category publishes accessories like chargers, earpiece, power banks and headphones, we have different specialties of chargers that work perfectly and last long and not forgetting the new ultra-modern wireless charger that meets the specifications of both Samsung and iPhone model of phones, luckily enough these wireless chargers can also be used to charge up batteries if other phones other than the Samsung and iPhone type or model of phones.

Apart from general accessories like chargers, earpieces and other general accessories we also have gadgets like the flourish lama nano gel universal car holder that can just as the name implies will be of great importance or help in keeping your keys especially your car keys in good condition and safe from getting misplaced. With its sleek design and styling the flourish lama nano gel universal car holder can be a one-stop item you would like to purchase, you may ask why but the simple answer to that is because of its guaranteed security, it’s designed and also its mobile state in addition to it is fee m flexible and also easy to use state.

Among other items available here in this category, we also have a key holder that is made from the fixate gel pads company that is specially designed for both cars and phone holding purposes, this fixate gel pads are intended to solve problems relating to phone lose at the gel pads stick to anything they are applied to and this helps keep your device in one place making this item to be anti-slip, when it is compared to other big holders it is relatively stronger, more flexible and portable too with a good temperature resistance that can meet the needs of different locations. It can be regarded as an easy to use accessory, all you have to do is to simply dice m stick the gel to the desired location and then place your device on it, always know that it can be removed instantly with ease whenever you wish to do so.

So with so much awesomeness attached to this gel pads (both nano gel pads and fixate gel pads), it makes life simply amazing and simple for every purpose it is applied for be it to hold your car keys or your mobile phones.

We have in surplus both the flourish lama nano gel universal car holder and the fixate gel pads for car and phone holding, apart from gel pads we also have in surplus other earlier mentioned phone gadgets like power banks, earpieces and not forgetting headphones already in our store to be disbursed out to you.

We look forward to you patronizing our unique phone gadgets to give your mobile devices a unique look you deserve.