//How to choose best protein shaker bottle?

How to choose best protein shaker bottle?

To maintain your body and feel stronger, you need protein shakes. However, preparing a healthy protein drink depends to a great extent on the quality of protein shaker bottle. Perhaps that is why it is important to consider the feature of a protein shaker bottle, which you are buying.

Drive through the write-up and you will learn more about the qualities of a good protein shaker.

Tips for choosing best protein shaker bottle

Whether you are a bodybuilder or a person fond of keeping yourself fit, you need protein shakes. Nevertheless, if you do not use appropriate protein shaker bottle for making protein drink, there are chances of not getting the whole nutrients present in the shake.

In fact, there are many bottles that prepare lumpy shake. When you take such a shake, it is not only unpleasant to drink but it also fails to provide you full energy and protein present in the drink. Hence, it is prudent to learn a few tricks to select a perfect protein shaker bottle. These are:

Check the Size

Whenever you are purchasing a protein shaker bottle, then do consider its size. These days, you can find different capacity shakers in the market, such as 26 oz, 28 oz, etc. However, the intake of protein drink varies from one person to the other. Therefore, it is highly recommended to opt for the bottle that fulfills your requirements.

Carries Measurement Marks

While buying a protein shaker, you must always ensure that it carries correct measurement mark. You might take it as a trivial thing, but in reality, it is not. This way you are able to take accurate supplements, which is necessary for your health.

Easy to Open

Definitely, you want the shakers that have a good seal. This means that when you carry it to your gym; the drink doesn’t get splashed or spilled. Hence, you should look for spill-free or leak free bottles. Despite saying this, it is important to point out that there are some bottles in the market that slam shut on your face. You must never buy a shaker with such type of a flip cap. It is quite irritating.

Stronger Grip

After you are through with your workout, it is quite natural to have a sweaty hand. Thus, you need a bottle that has a strong grip, so that the shaker bottle doesn’t slip from your hand.

Excellent Blending Mechanism

As aforementioned, it is important to ensure that the shaker you are buying doesn’t leave lumps. This means you need to read about the mechanism that the bottle will be using for mixing the drink. For instance, these days you may find shakers carrying a wire blending ball, which ensures that the protein powder breaks down efficiently.

Simple to Clean

Keeping your protein shaker clean is indispensable. This means you need to ensure that your shaker remains hygienic. The best way is to opt for shakers that are dishwasher safe. Nevertheless, you may also buy shakers that have a wide opening and doesn’t need a special brush to clean it.

Bisphenol A free

In 1960’s, BPA, or Bisphenol A chemical was used to make a certain type of plastics. Even today, many bottles and other plastic container manufacturers use it. Although, Food and Drug Administration claims BPA bottles are safe but it is good if you avoid BPA bottles. There are many manufacturers of protein shaker bottles that produce BPA free bottles. You may opt for this type of protein shaker bottle, as according to Mayo Clinic, this chemical (BPA) can pass into the food or drinks from containers.

Good Insulation

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to drink chilled protein shakes after his or her workout in the gym.  Therefore, it is very important to buy a good protein shaker bottle, which is insulated. This will not only enhance the taste of the drink but also offer you quicker absorption. According to some recent research, ice cold drink passes swiftly through the stomach and helps you in maintaining your core temperature. This can prevent heat exhaustion. Furthermore, cold water can burn more calories.  Therefore, this time do not forget to look for bottles that have good insulation.

Odour free

Definitely, no one likes drinking from a bottle that has a permanent odour, which is hard to go. This means you must search protein shaker bottles that are free from odour. The residue that gets left at the bottom of the bottle is the main reason for making your bottle smell awful. This again brings you to the point that you must choose a bottle which is easy to clean so that it is left with no residue. This way it will not stink.

Fashionable Design

Nowadays, you can find bottles of a variety of design. Some have graphics made on it while some are plain and simple. Even there are some bottles that can be customised. This brings us to the point that carrying a protein shaker with a stylish design looks pretty cool. Hence, if you want to look trendy, you may choose a bottle which doesn’t give you a dull and boring look and has a chic design.

Easy to Carry

You must make sure that the bottle you are selecting fits into your car’s cup holder or the side pocket of your gym bag. This means you need to opt for a bottle which is handy and easy to carry. Therefore, when you are buying a protein shaker bottle, you must take a look at its shape. Go for the sleek ones, as they are easy to transport.


You must check the price of the bottle and compare it with the other options available online with respect to its features. This will give you an idea, whether the bottle is worth buying or not.

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