//Cool tricks to perform with your hoverboard

Cool tricks to perform with your hoverboard

If you have recently bought a hoverboard, then definitely you must be willing to try some tricks. However, for a novice, trying some tricks could be life-threatening. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why you should take a glance at this write-up.

Here, some of the simplest yet intriguing hoverboard tricks have been discussed, which you can perform effortlessly on any flat ground.

Having said this, you may now scroll down to learn stepwise how to manage yourself on a self-balancing scooter and then perform the tricks.

How to balance your body on a hoverboard?

You might be using a hoverboard from the past six months. Still, when it comes to balancing yourself while performing a trick is not at all easy. Therefore, the first thing that you need to learn is to balance yourself. There are a few tips that you must remember while balancing yourself on a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter. These are:

  • When you are getting on a hoverboard, keep one foot on it at a time.
  • When you are turning clockwise, then you must remember to put your right foot down and when turning anti-clockwise, then do not forget to put your left foot down.
  • You must always remember to lean back when going backwards.
  • You must start the spin only at medium speeds.
  • When you are spinning then try to lean your body in the direction in which you want to spin.
  • You must always fix your side. This will create a balanced force, which will keep the centre of gravity in line, thereby helping you to take round ride.

Starting with the Tricks

Once you are through with the balancing, then you can try some tricks. Let’s start with beginner’s trick, i.e. spin.

The Spin

There are four different types of spinning tricks that you can perform. These are:

360 Degree Spin

If you are planning to impress your friends new to the hoverboard, then this spinning trick could do the work. Here, you need to remember that when you are doing this always tilt your one foot and simultaneously leave the other one flat. For instance, when you want to spin right, just tilt your right foot and leave your left one flat. This will let your hoverboard spin right. You may also perform this trick with your left foot.

The One-sided Spin or the Stork or the One Foot Circle

This is very easy to perform. You just need to be confident on your balancing otherwise you won’t be able to execute it impeccably. In this, you start initially by spinning. Once you get a balance on this then try to understand which side you are more comfortable spinning. Now, start spinning in that direction and when you are comfortable, then take one foot off from the device to place it near the first one. Try to relax and keep balancing in a fixed place. This way you will be able to perform the trick.

The One-armed Spin

Although it is a spin stunt, still it falls under the category of advanced hoverboard tricks. Hence, you are suggested to try this only when you are confident of balancing. You can practice this under the supervision of someone who has the knowledge of this trick. In this trick, you must first balance yourself then couch down and replace your one foot with a hand on the pad. Now, use pressure from your hand on the pad to spin the hoverboard and straighten the leg which is not on the pad.

The Sitting Spin

You can perform this trick by first sitting down on the hoverboard (lengthways). Now, with the help of your bum resting on the foot sensor and your feet, which is placed on the wheel protector, you can tilt sideways in such a way that the hoverboard starts spinning. Furthermore, do not forget to hold your knees with your hands. Also, remember to keep your legs open.

The Genie

This is not really difficult if you just try the way you are told. This is one of the commonest tricks performed by the beginners on a hoverboard. In this trick, instead of placing your legs pop your shins on the footpads. Leave the rest of your feet flat behind you as if you are sitting on a mat with your legs behind.  Now, with the help of your shins and your feet as an anchor, try to move around. You must always remember not to touch your feet on the ground.

The Butterfly

This is one of the best tricks for those who are at the intermediate level of hoverboard users. In this stunt, you need to sit the way it has been advised in “The Sitting Spin”, i.e. counterbalancing your feet on the opposite footpad. You must hold your bent knees with your hand and can try to move sideways, i.e. left to right or right to left. Here, too you need to keep your legs open like butterfly wings and when you glide back and forth, try to relax.

The One-Eighty

This is not for the beginners or the intermediate riders. This is best suited for experts who want to perform new tricks that have a dangerous string attached to it. In this trick, nothing works other than balancing. It will be good if you avoid practicing it outside your home. You must try it at home and in a company of a friend or a family member. In this, just stand in a balanced way on your hoverboard. Now, take a deep breath and try to relax your body on the hoverboard. Once, you feel relaxed, then bend your knees and then do both the things at the same time – take a small jump and a twist. You need to keep a watch on your board and as it takes a spin in a 180-degree turn you must land back on the footpad of your hoverboard without falling.

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