//Buy Best Hoverboards in the UK at Affordable Price

Buy Best Hoverboards in the UK at Affordable Price

In the past few years, hoverboards have evolved a lot. Today, there are a variety of hoverboards available in the market. Some are electric powered and rechargeable, while some are UL certified self-balancing scooters. However, not all are safe and can explode. Nevertheless, when you are purchasing hoverboards from HCS Gadgets, you do not need to worry about these issues.

We offer you the best hoverboards that are safe, spacious and cost-effective. Whether you are a kid or a grown-up, you will enjoy the ride of hoverboards bought from HCS Gadgets with confidence.

Attributes that make our Hoverboards different

Safe and Genuine

The first and foremost thing that makes us special is that we offer you self-balancing two-wheel scooter hoverboards, which are safe to use, as these are genuine. We are a reputed hoverboard distributor in the UK that offer you hoverboards which have the lowest probability of exploding.

Top-Notch Battery

We provide you high-quality battery with our hoverboards so that it doesn’t explode with overnight charging. Despite saying this, it is highly recommended to avoid over-charging in these self-balancing electric powered scooters.

Free and Speedy Delivery

If you are located in mainland UK, then we offer you free delivery of hoverboards. You just need to place orders and we make sure that you receive the delivery as soon as possible. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why we are considered as one of the fastest hoverboard delivering company in the UK. Usually, we deliver the products within 36 hours.

Easy to Return

The return policy for our products is quite user-friendly. If you want to return the product within 14 days of the purchase, you can contact us and we will ensure that you receive the best help from us.

Comes with Warranty

HCS Gadgets believe in offering durable and comfortable hoverboards. However, if any issue pops up, we are always ready to resolve it. On all our products, you can receive a warranty of 30 days.

Affordable Range

When you purchase from HCS Gadgets, you enjoy multiple range hoverboard options. The same product, which will be available at a higher price on any other website is available here at a price which will not dip into your pocket. In fact, you can even buy a hoverboard here at £190.

Easy Payment Methods

We believe in selling high-quality hoverboards at a competitive price. We do not want our customers to face difficulties in making payments while purchasing our products. That is why we accept all major payment methods, such as debit card, credit card, PayPal, Discover, Maestro, American Express, MasterCard, etc. You may also opt for cash payment on delivery.

Multiple Types

We have a vast range of hoverboards and hoverboard accessories that are available in different colour and style. Whether you are looking for an all-terrain self-balancing electric scooter or manual classic hoverboard, you can get all this under one roof and that is none other than HCS Gadgets.

Segway Chrome Hoverboard

You want to try some new tricks and appear cool in front of others, then you can opt for segway chrome hoverboard. Packed with genuine Samsung batteries, the 6.5 inches wheeled Chrome Segway hoverboard comes with a protection circuit and offers continuous two to three hours of ride on a full charge. Perfect to ride on a flat surface, this 2-wheeled self-balanced scooter is equipped with regenerative braking system a three-axis gyro-sensors and accelerometers, in addition to LED pathfinders attached to the foot panel.

Multiple Colour Options

We offer you not only different types of hoverboards, but also roll out to you multiple colours of Chrome Segway hoverboard. You can select the colour that you like. We have both chrome as well as classic colour options available with us and these are:

  • Chrome Black Hoverboard Swegway
  • Chrome Blue Hoverboard Swegway
  • Chrome Pink Hoverboard Swegway
  • Chrome Purple Hoverboard/Segway
  • Chrome Red Hoverboard Swegway
  • Chrome Silver Hoverboard Swegway
  • Classic Blue Hoverboard Swegway
  • Classic Gold Hoverboard/Swegway
  • Classic Pink Hoverboard/Swegway
  • Classic Purple Hoverboard Swegway
  • Classic Red Hoverboard Swegway
  • Classic White Hoverboard Swegway

Customised Hoverboards

If you are someone who strives for tailored products, then you must choose us. We deliver you tailor-made hoverboards that are packed with accessories which can make your ride more comfortable. You can get our chrome or classic Swegway hoverboard in colours that suits your personality.

Hoverboard Accessories

Apart from the hoverboard, you can also buy hoverboard accessories, such as Hoverboard Chrome Shell Cover, Hoverboard Safety Gear Set, Silicone Segway Cover, Smart Hoverboard Balance Handle, etc. You can also club the accessories together with the hoverboard and can receive special discounts and deals. In addition to these, there is another interesting thing that you can buy from HCS Gadgets at an economical price and that is hoverkart.

What is Hoverkart?

When accessories are attached to your hoverboard in a strategic manner, then the result is a hoverkart. The straps that are attached to your hoverkart make it distinct from the other self-balancing scooters. We have with us monster hoverkart that is safe, spacious, and comfortable. This type of hoverboard has a powerful gripping tyre and weighs only 10kg and is supported with a strong and adjustable turn bar having a length of 72 cm to 99cm and a width of 45cm. There are a variety of hoverkarts available with us and these are:

  • Racer Hoverkart Edition
  • Monster Hoverkart
  • Smart Electric Hoverkart with Infrared Sensor

If you want to buy just the straps, then we provide you Hoverkart Replacement Straps option.
Do not waste a single second now. Just go to hcsgadgets.com and buy amazing and safe hoverboards in the UK at a reasonable price.

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